Desire to do sports

Together sport makes more fun. The search for suitable sports partners can sometimes be a long process. But there are lots of people in your near area, sometimes even friends who you are not in close contact to, who share your interest in sports but you just don’t know it YET. But by using spird’s friends list you can see what your friends are about to do when and where.

Searching for sport-partners

Common social media platforms offer an immense number of information, but they have no search tool for finding like-minded people nearby. That is when spird helps you: with a radar you can easily determine the search criteria and find appropriate sports partner. Every time and everywhere!

Difficult communication

Once you have found an appropriate sports partner, it comes to fixing the time and date of the training. Classy chat-media will encounter their limits when it comes to appointments especially with more people at the same time. Hours of texting about fixing the appointment are a consequence of it.
The automated smartchat of spird makes the communication of you and your sport partners easier. The most important message will be predefined and will be sent for confirmation. Fast and easy. If you want, you can of course also chat.

Doing sports together

The appropriate sports facility at any time Now there is nothing in the way of spending a sporty day - except the question of a fitting sports facility? Here spird helps you too: if you don’t have an appropriate sports facility or sports center, the intelligent chat function shows you appropriate sports facilities in your near!